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Learning to Listen to Your Customers

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Who is it for?

Learning to Listen to Your Customers is designed to introduce you to the key approaches and principles of user research within a service design process. We will explore the rationale behind the use of user research and how important it is to consider all stakeholders when designing the right thing, and the thing right.

This course is relevant for all those organisations who realise the importance of learning to listen to their customers across private, public and third sectors.


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How will I benefit?

You will be introduced to key methods within user research, such as service observations, open interview techniques, capturing stakeholder views and disseminating these in a coherent fashion.

Learning to listen to your customers can help you gain valuable insights into the problem and appreciate a much deeper understanding of your customers needs, moving away from assumption-based decisions and stereotyping.

Design skills are becoming increasingly essential for careers in any sector. No matter your role or your organisation, you can still apply a human-centred design thinking approach at work.


Course Leads

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Katie Murrie

SDN Accredited Master Trainer

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Robbie Beautyman


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Dr Jo McNicoll

SDN Accredited Professional

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Kim Anderson

SDN Accredited Professional

The Details

Delivered remotely over 2 days, these live and interactive sessions cover

Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen, helps you to find out more about your staff and customers and their needs. In turn, the data gathered can help you to design services around them. Learning to Listen, most importantly, connects the people designing a service with the people who will use it.

Action packed sessions on Day 1 will see you carry out user research through a variety of exercises, empathetically walking in your customer and clients shoes, challenging preconceived ideas.

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“I wanted to create stronger customer relationships for my business, this course gave me a new appreciation to view things from the other side of the fence. I then went on and tore down that fence. Thank you SDA.”

Making the Most Out of Your Data

On Day 2 you’ll be utilising all the raw data that you collected in the first two sessions and we will show you how to analyse and present information through research walls and slide decks, so you understand the real issues before you start to ideate solutions.