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2024 Service Design Courses

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Make 2024 the year when you have the skills and confidence to drive change, solve problems and innovate. 

Here’s a rundown of what you could be learning! 

Our flagship SQA accredited course

Professional Development Award in Service Design

Our PDA takes place in four parts over six months. All classes are live, interactive, and online, supported by a wealth of online course material.

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You will:

  • Learn to use the fundamental tools and methods of service design.
  • Apply your learning in your own professional practice.
  • Build user research skills to help you identify user needs.
  • Explore how you can involve people throughout the design process using co-design.
  • Create a portfolio from four small-scale work-based projects to evidence your development skills and knowledge.
  • Drive innovation through the empowerment of others
  • Generate ideas to prototype and test before they become solutions. 
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Fantastic course if you are interested in Service Design and using it in your workplace. One of the major advantages for me as a leader in these initiatives is the active involvement of stakeholders from the initial design phase right through to delivery.
Duncan Brown
Quality & Academic Standards Development Manager University of Dundee

2 x 3.5 hours short course

Discover service design Online

Get a comprehensive introduction to service design, the mindset, the approach, and the principles. This one-day introduction (split over 2 days) is designed for those looking to enhance their own skill set or elevate their business. 

We will support you to reflect upon what it is you might need to do differently. We’ll help you identify who is key to your services or the experiences you provide. 

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how service design can help you engage with people, solve problems, and bring ideas into reality. 

As you learn about service design, you’ll tackle a design challenge with other learners. You’ll try out some tools and develop skills to bring service design to life. 

How will this course help you?

This interactive and activity-led short course will help you to understand the value of service design. 

You will learn how the design process supports you to fully understand problems before working towards solutions. 

The course will give you the opportunity to try out proven tools and develop skills in a safe environment. 

5 day short course

Practical service design

Five six-hour online sessions over five weeks.

Each week you will join others in an online, learn-by-doing environment. You will learn and experience the service design process, making use of a core selection of tools and methods for problem solving.

You will be equipped to:

  • Demonstrate deep levels of empathy with customers and colleagues.
  • Engage with a core selection of service design tools.
  • Drive innovation through empowering others.
  • Generate ideas to solve problems.
  • Prototype and test solutions.
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A relaxed atmosphere was maintained by the trainers. They always felt approachable, interested, and supportive. I learned lots of good techniques I'm looking forward to trying out.

4 x 3.5 hours short course

Service design for data professionals

For anyone who loves working with data, this interactive online introductory course has been designed for you to grow your knowledge of the value of service design. You’ll learn how to use the process to understand problems, to then work towards solutions. You will explore the relationship between information about people (data) and insights (the things we can learn). 

Fully funded places available Supported by Data Skills for Work at The Data Lab through the Tay Cities Deal Digital Skills Project, funded by the Scottish Government.
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How will this course help you?

We will help you to understand how service design can be used to solve problems with (not just for) your stakeholders who need information about people. 

You will learn how to communicate and effectively engage people in the story and context of your data, helping your organisation to make data-informed decisions. 

The course will help you to think through issues and problems and develop techniques and confidence to undertake user research, analyse and synthesise qualitative data, generate ideas, and create prototypes for testing and communication. 

A key outcome will be a shift in mindset. You will learn what you and your teams do as a service that supports others within and outside your organisation. 

By the end of this course you will have hands-on experience of service design as an approach to:  

  • Understand the issues and needs of people 
  • Work with people to uncover problems 
  • Collaboratively problem solve 
  • Develop ways to engage with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders 

2 day short course

Design your people experience

A highly engaged workforce offers several benefits to an employer.  Creating a good employee experience means that you will attract the best people, motivate them to perform well and ensure that they want to stay. You’ll have created the right conditions to accelerate growth and create a competitive advantage for your business. 

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their people experience by putting them at the heart of the design process. You might be in a role in a people team, HR, recruitment, OD, a hiring manager; one of the many people who are part of the end-to-end employee experience. 

Delivered remotely over 2 days, 10am – 4pm, these live and interactive sessions will cover:

You will: 

  • be introduced to the Service Design approach and mindset 
  • develop an understanding of the importance of the end-to-end employee experience 
  • develop a people centred approach to create the future of work at your organisation 
  • learn how you can increase employee satisfaction by developing ways to improve the employee experience 

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