Pioneers, Disruptors, Changemakers – meet our new short courses

Are you motivated by the desire to make work better? Would you love to have a toolkit to help you lead the way? Well, we have some exciting news – the Service Design Academy has launched 5 new courses designed for purpose-driven people like you in the buzzing arena of Service Design.

Design skills are becoming increasingly essential for careers in any sector. No matter your role or your organisation, you can apply a human-centred design thinking approach at work. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re just hearing the term for the first time, or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to enhance your skillset.


What is Service Design?

When we started the Service Design Academy, practically every conversation started with this question. Luckily the world has changed a lot since. What hasn’t changed is our belief that service design has the potential to transform entire organisations and markets.  We say that:

Service Design is the practical and creative application of design tools and methods, with the goal to develop or improve services. It is the activity of orchestrating people, infrastructure, communication, and material components of a service to create value for all stakeholders involved, build a distinctive customer experience, and maximise business potential.

Service Design is a Mindset


Service Design is having a passion for the customer and improvement, question everything, and don’t rush into solutions. Embrace uncertainty. 

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Service Design is Set of Tools


Service Design gives you the tools to explore possible problems and opportunities.

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Service Design is a Process

Service Design is a structured process that provides grip at the uncertainty and fuzziness of the innovation process. It’s a cross-disciplinary language with the customer at its centre, Service Design creates a silo-breaking language and stimulates collaboration between people and departments.

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Good Service Design is Inclusive Design


Design should always be judged by whether or not it achieves an inclusive environment. Design which does not do this is not good enough. Good design should reflect the diversity of people who use it and not impose barriers of any kind.

Take Care of your Employees and they’ll take Care of your Customers


The secret to employee experience is treating your employees like your best customer and giving them the same great experiences. In turn, they’re more likely to provide better customer service. Research has shown that engaged employees positively impact customer experience, and we know experience impacts engagement.

We have an excellent track record of designing courses for business. Courses can be customised and delivered privately for your organisation.

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