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Who is it for?

This course is for leaders across all spectrums who are looking to unlock the true potential in others. An action packed trip into the playground of co-design and the benefits it can offer your organisation.

Applicable for those in a professional role with responsibility for service delivery and for those who wish to engage service users and communities in decision making through creative processes.

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How will I benefit?

Design skills are becoming increasingly essential for careers in any sector. No matter your role or your organisation, you can still apply a human-centred design thinking approach at work.

You will be introduced to the key approaches and principles of co-design within a service design process. It will explore creativity, collaboration, prototyping and facilitation to support a co-design approaches to problem solving.

You will ‘learn by doing’ using a range of co-design methods whilst working on a challenging brief. This will allow for multiple rounds of prototyping and iteration of ideas in a collaborative setting.

Course Leads

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Katie Murrie

SDN Accredited Master Trainer

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Robbie Beautyman


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Dr Jo McNicoll

SDN Accredited Professional

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Kim Anderson

SDN Accredited Professional

The Details

Delivered remotely over 2 days, these live and interactive sessions cover

Discovering the Power of Co-Design

Day 1 gives you a solid introduction to the co-design and prototyping methods used within Service Design. We will take you through several rounds of prototyping and iteration allowing you to refine ideas in a practical and hands on manner.

Doing this changes the design process, challenges our professional roles, and provides our stakeholders with a voice they probably did not have before.

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“Interactive & engaging from start to finish”

“My learning experience was excellent. I wanted to develop service design skills and knowledge and that’s exactly what was delivered!”


Day 2 gives you and your team the opportunity to develop a series of prototypes. These ideas will be brought to life through rapid prototyping before presenting your prototypes to the wider audience.

The approach we take helps design solutions not only for the users, but with them, achieving democratic outcomes based on the ideas and feedback ensuring all voices are heard.

Are you ready to innovate and adapt for the future?