Service Design Academy

Free Online Session with Katie Murrie and Robbie Beautyman

Tuesday 22nd November

09.30 – 11.00 GMT

It’s natural for us all to be guided by our assumptions. They are the ideas and convictions that we take for granted that constantly shape our point of view. However, they keep us firmly in our comfort zone, and can hold us back from making the change needed. Assuming you know the answer is the easy way to solve problems. It’s also a costly and risky business if what you assumed is completely wrong.

When you choose to challenge assumptions, you’ll make the effort to understand the problem fully by venturing into the unknown and do the right things to understand where the issues really lie. You will be rewarded with new perspectives and ideas to start you on your path to innovation.

In this 90-minute free and interactive online event, SDA consultants Katie Murrie and Robbie Beautyman will share how a shift in mindset to design thinking will start you on the right path to innovation.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to “learn by doing” as to how design can help their business innovate.

What will I get from attending the event?

You’ll learn from Katie and Robbie about the value that service design brings. They will share with you how building you and your team’s design skills can make the difference to your business needs.

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