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Service Design in Education

At SDA we are proud to host the Service Design in Education Network – #SDinED.  People from all over the world have come together with a passion to change education for the better using human centred design approaches.

To meet the exponential growth in this dynamic network, Service Design Academy offers sponsorship and support to actively shape the future of education.

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Co-Founders Jean Mutton (Go Process Design), Radka Newton (University of Lancaster), and Katie Murrie (Service Design Academy)

Jean Mutton was a trailblazing service designer in education.  Radka Newton was an early career University manager who contacted Jean after reading her inspiring Service Design article. Jean became Radka’s mentor, guiding her through Service Design experiments. Jean and Radka joined service design channels to seek out thought leaders, sending an SOS to service design guru Marc Fonteijn, founder of The Service Design Show – “Help, Education needs Service Design!” Marc quickly introduced them to Katie Murrie, Lead Consultant at the Service Design Academy. Katie is passionate about education and at the Service Design Academy has driven projects that have made improvement in schools, FE Colleges and Universities, she has worked with SQA and Education Scotland to build service design capacity with these organisations.

#SDinED and The Service Design Academy became the Perfect Partners and have grown in a year of camaraderie and determination to bring change to education from human centred design.

Following successful online and interactive events enjoyed by anyone passionate about making change in education, SDA and the #SDinEd network hosted the UK’s first Education Jam in September 2020.

Further reading

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Follow @SDinEducation and @EDUJAMUK for the latest news and event details or get in touch at sdineducation@gmail.com outcomes and more!