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Discover service design

Develop your awareness of the mindset, approach, and principles of service design.

You will learn about the process used to design services, how to describe a service, and discover the relationship between services and you.

Introduction to tools and methods

Grow your knowledge of the value of service design.

Learn how to engage with people, identify problems, and create innovative solutions to bring plans into reality.

Practical service design

A comprehensive introduction offering a hands-on, learn-by–doing insight into the process of service design.

You’ll build on your existing knowledge, expand your design toolkit, and develop a deeper understanding of the service design process.

Design your people experience

A course for anyone looking to improve their colleagues’ experiences.

You’ll develop a people-centred approach to create the future of work in your organisation, building an understanding of the importance of the end-to-end employee experience. You’ll learn how you can increase employee satisfaction and leave with an implementation plan.

Service design for data professionals

Grow your knowledge of the value of service design.

You’ll learn how to use the process to understand problems, to then work towards solutions. You’ll explore the relationship between information about people (data) and insights (the things we can learn).

Inclusive and accessible design

Learn about the mindset behind inclusive design and the fundamentals of inclusion and accessibility.

You’ll learn…

Going backstage and behind the scenes to design successful services

A public sector event brought to you by Katie Murrie and Kim Anderson from the Service Design Academy.

You’ll learn…

Looking for practitioner level?

PDA (SCQF7) in service design

The core skills, tools, and mindsets you need to design powerful interventions for complex issues.