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Service Design Academy puts people first, to harness creativity to solve problems, challenge thinking and make lives better.

In all our online and live courses, our team of experts create environments where people thrive, and innovation happens together. We use service design methods and a collaborative approach in everything we do. Our range of short courses have been designed to meet the needs of people like you. With us, you’ll learn by doing. Our refreshing approach and design thinking have proven to be a winning combination for our growing community of learners.

If you’re booking a lot of spaces, you may want to talk to us about tailoring a course especially for your business.


Welcome to service design

Get a comprehensive introduction to service design, the mindset, the approach, and the principles. This one-day introduction (split over 2 days) is designed for those looking to enhance their own skill set or elevate their business.

We will support you to reflect upon what it is you might need to do differently. We’ll help you identify who is key to your services or the experiences you provide.

Next course: 10 & 17 July 2024


Service design for innovation and impact

If you’re looking for a new approach to business challenges this course offers a hands-on, learn by doing insight into the process of service design. You’ll learn how it drives success and learn stories from innovative organisations who have used service design and design thinking to gain a competitive advantage in their industries.

7 February - 6 March 2024

1 May - 29 May 2024

5 June - 3 July 2024


Service design for data professionals

For anyone who loves working with data, this interactive online introductory course has been designed for you to grow your knowledge of the value of service design. You’ll learn how to use the process to understand problems, to then work towards solutions. You will explore the relationship between information about people (data) and insights (the things we can learn).

Friday 8 March 2024


Design your people experience

A highly engaged workforce offers several benefits to an employer.  Creating a good employee experience means that you will attract the best people, motivate them to perform well and ensure that they want to stay. You’ll have created the right conditions to accelerate growth and create a competitive advantage for your business.  

Next course:11 & 18 June 2024


Inclusive and accessible design

In this course, you’ll learn about the mindset behind inclusive design and the fundamentals of inclusion and accessibility.

Next course: 11 September 2023


Going backstage and behind the scenes to design successful services

Next course: 23rd March 2023

A Public Sector Event

A course by Service Design Academy

With Katie Murrie and Kim Anderson

Next course: 22 June 2023

Looking for Customised Business Courses?

We have an excellent track record of designing courses for business. Courses can be customised and delivered privately for your organisation.

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Looking for funding?

SME’s and Levy Payers in Scotland can apply for funding for Service Design training through the Flexible Workforce Development Fund at Dundee & Angus College. Successful SME’s get £5,000 and Levy Payers have £15,000 to spend. To apply, contact the Business Partnerships team, email business@dundeeandangus.ac.uk or phone 01382 834874 

ITA funding is available to those who are over 16 and earn less than £22,000 per annum to allow them to access learning.  If you have not already applied for ITA funding and for more information regarding ITA funding please go to MyWorldOfWork.