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3-Day Service Design Intensive

Next course: August 29th, 2020

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Who is it for?

It’s for organisations who are ready to problem solving to a new level, foster design leadership, build service design capacity and create a community of practitioners through a fun and immersive learning experience.

Working with our Consultants you will design the learning you need to adapt for the future, drive innovation and better understand your customers and stakeholders.

5-day service design course
3-day service design course
3-day service design course

How will we benefit?

You’ll drive innovation and create resilience for the future that lets you adapt quickly whatever happens,

You’ll learn how to design around your customers trying out proven tools on your real-life challenges. Your team will develop practical skills they can apply tomorrow in the workplace.

They will develop a knowledge of the fundamental tools and methods used within a service design process, including user research and co-design.

Course Leads

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Katie Murrie

SDN Accredited MasterTrainer

Robbie Beautyman, man with black shirt

Robbie Beautyman


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Dr Jo McNicoll

SDN Accredited Professional

Kim Anderson girl with stripey top

Kim Anderson

SDN Accredited Professional

The Details

Delivered onsite over 3 days or remotely over 6 3-hour live and interactive sessions  we cover

3-day service design course
3-day service design course
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User Research

Setting the scene. You will be introduced to Service Design focusing on User Research, and we will jump straight into tackling the brief set by you. You will be introduced to different methods of user research, learning by doing, conducting user research in teams to discover and uncover insights from all users and stakeholders. We will cover everything from methods and techniques to ethics and consent. You will gather, collate and sort user findings before starting to define what the barriers and opportunities are, based on research findings.

“Working with SDA was one of the most exciting and rewarding pieces of learning we’ve done in a long time.  Challenges you to question how services are designed and who is best qualified to design them.”

Problem Framing

Next we learn all about framing, analysis and synthesis. The exercises and insights from your User Research will support you and your team to sense check/reframe and will help you to visualise and identify the gaps. Teams will take part in further user research activities and observation tasks. Teams will be introduced to and will create their own user research wall to start to make sense of the user findings, where the data might lead and what you still need to find out. You’ll have time to get to grips with all of the findings gathered using service design tools, such as personas and empathy mapping.

Problem Definition

And finally, we cover problem definition and understanding. Teams will have a final opportunity to connect with users and stakeholder. We will help you to make sense and map out every detail discovered before teams get the opportunity to share their findings with the wider group. The final session will be about reporting back. You will become a citizen journalist learning to create different ways of telling your story through Vox Pops and storyboards, creating your own narratives and visualisations.

Are you ready to innovate and adapt for the future?