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Tools for Problem Solving & Innovation

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Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who hasn’t used Service Design Tools and Methodologies before and wants an energetic, hands-on and insightful introduction. It’s for anyone who wants to drive innovation and problem solve on a whole different level.

Design skills are becoming increasingly essential for careers in any sector. No matter your role or your organisation, you can still apply a human-centred design thinking approach at work.

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Tools for problem solving and innovation
Tools for problem solving and innovation

How will I benefit?

You will gain a solid introductory understanding of the key tools and methods that are used in service design.

Back in the workplace, you’ll be equipped with a basic toolkit to start your Service Design journey as a change agent. You will have the opportunity to apply a variety of ideation tools to help solve key problems within your organisation.

Course Leads

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Katie Murrie

SDN Accredited Master Trainer

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Robbie Beautyman


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Dr Jo McNicoll

SDN Accredited Professional

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Kim Anderson

SDN Accredited Professional

The Details

Delivered remotely over 2 days, these live and interactive sessions cover

Discovering and Defining your Toolbox

Day 1 gives you a solid introduction to Tools and Methods used within Service Design. We will cover everything from methods and techniques to ethics and consent.

Applying a holistic approach to problem solving you will use tools that will enable you to drive innovation within your organisation.

Tools for problem solving and innovation
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“I have learned many useful tools to take back to my job, can’t wait to embed them in areas of marketing, communications, customer services and print services.”

“I’ve been able to take my learning and apply it straight away, and not only that but share it with my colleagues who are being insprired to adapt their methods to be better too”

Developing and Delivering Solutions

Day 2 gives you and your team the opportunity to apply a variety of ideation tools to start developing ideas. Progressing into a project planning tool to map out your problems from start to finish. This enables you to turn your concepts into a reality. These ideas will be brought to life through rapid prototyping before presenting your prototypes to the wider audience.