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Service Design Academy Helps Young Voices to be Heard in Dundee

Picture of people walking in City Square, Dundee

As part of Dundee and Angus College, the Service Design Academy was proud to partner with Dundee City Council to contribute to the draft City Centre Strategic Investment Plan with a user research project focussed on young people.

Dundee and Angus College’s Service Design Academy designed a user research plan which engaged with College and University students, young people, and youth groups on the future of the city centre. 227 participants (aged 16 – 24 years) got involved over the course of eleven pop-up events and online engagement.

With key themes around public spaces, living, working and connecting, young people in Dundee shared their thoughts, feelings and ideas about the City Centre.

You can read about what we did to ensure that young people’s voices will be heard to shape the future of Dundee in this report:  Young People’s Voices to the City Centre Strategic  Investment Plan(dundeecity.gov.uk)

We are proud to contribute to the progress and development going into producing this ambitious 30-year plan.

The plan sets out a long-term vision for next 30 years and identifies a wide variety of development opportunities. It includes radical ideas for Dundee’s future city centre, and indicative plans and visuals for seven strategic development opportunity sites.

Thank you to Jennifer Caswell, Alan Brown and Gregor Hamilton at Dundee City Council for giving the SDA team the opportunity to contribute to this important research to the future of the Dundee City Centre.

We’d like to thank all the organisations who supported us including DUSA – Dundee University Students’​ Association Abertay Students’​ Association Dundee and Angus College Student Association Dundee City Council Education and Community and Learning Development teams.

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