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SDA Insights Special Edition – April 2022

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Welcome to a special news edition of SDA Insights. It’s your round-up of exciting things happening at SDA and some noteworthy items that have captured our attention in the wider Service Design world.

We know that your time is precious, so we’ll press on.

EduJam is back ……
In June Service Design Academy is a proud sponsor of EduJam, taking place live and in person at the wonderful V&A Dundee on the 10th, 11th and 12th of June.

If you’ve never jammed before………
A Jam is a creative space to explore ways to try out design-based approaches to problem solving, building networks. EduJam is inspired by GlobalJams and aims to provide an open and collaborative space for everybody passionate about the future of education. The Global Jams website tells you much more about the power of Jamming.

We’ll be joined by mentors including the founder of Global Jams, Adam St John Lawrence, co-author of “This is Service Design Doing” and visual facilitator Andy Du Vale of WorkVisible.

How can you get involved?

1. Take a look at our EduJam website  to find more about the event.

2. Follow us @EduJamUK on Twitter and Instagram for live updates.

3. Book now. There are ticket options to suit every pocket and sponsorship of this event has ensured that your ticket price covers the cost of refreshments over the weekend. You can book your EduJam tickets now or please get in touch for more information at                      edujam@sda.ac.uk

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Service Design Academy Short Courses – in demand

Companies and individuals have been in touch enquiring about the next dates for our short courses in the summer. We’d like to find out from our community what works best for you.

You can read more about what to expect with Welcome to Service Design 1-day course and Service Design for Innovation and Impact 5-day course.

If you are ready to start your service design journey with our live and online courses please fill out the doodle poll below and we’ll be straight back in touch.

Anyone who expresses an interest will get a 15% discount when booking.

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Inclusive And Accessible Design – Our new 2-day course is booking now 1st and 8th June – 10am – 4pm

This 2-day online introduction to Inclusive Design course has been developed and designed with industry experts and those experiencing barriers every day.

It’s perfect for any individual or group of colleagues to learn how a design approach can be used to improve the services, products, and experiences they deliver. Not only this but learners will leave with a plan to start to work more inclusively

You can read Inclusive and Accessible 2-day course information

You can book  Eventbrite: Inclusive and Accessible Design 2-day course

Not quite what you need? Find out more and register interest in all Service Design Academy short courses

Co-creating an innovative and sustainable framework to support community led projects

We’re delighted to share our recent work with The Wood Foundation and Russell Anderson Development School (RADS) through the Service Design Network Case Study Library. You can find out how we facilitated the creation of a new framework for community led projects which connect, engage and support young people in new ways through sport.

Read Service Design Network RADS Case Study to find out more.

Scottish Public Sector:  invitations for SDA to tender for service design training and education can now be made through Public Contract Scotland through the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Digital Technology Services Dynamic Purchasing System – Lot 1. This DPS is available for Scottish Government, Councils, Colleges and Universities, health, third sector and other public sector organisations.

Good Luck Rory
After a year of Kickstart work experience, Rory Mertes, our Digital and Marketing Assistant has moved on for new and exciting opportunities.  The team wish Rory all the very best as he leaves his legacy of video resources we’ll continue to share. Ranging from the “Valued Voices” series to backgrounds on our courses, Rory has left a video record of SDA in action for us to build on.

Have a dip into the Service Design Video Library  

Don’t forget to join over 1,000 subscribers of our Service Design Academy Youtube channel who watched nearly 6,000 hours of our content last month. 

Professional Development Award Reflective Survey

Although we gather feedback regularly throughout learning labs and in 121s with our students to shape development and delivery of the course, we are keen to understand more about the longer-term impact from the course from students completing the course in the past 18 months. 

We were delighted to receive a 100% 5 star rating from respondents on recommending Service Design Academy to colleagues.

The comments below reflect motivations, expectations and impact of the course.

“Having no formal service design qualifications, the PDA was a great opportunity to get a qualification and foundation of knowledge relevant to my role while still delivering what I needed to be in my job”

“I hoped to gain a better understanding of the tools and methodologies and to become a confident and competent Service Designer”

“One huge change is the mindset of understanding customer needs first before focusing on a specific solution, the other big takeaway for me is being able to go on the journey of identifying these needs, exploring them deeper and ideating around potential outcomes before trialling and prototyping solutions”

When it came to asking for 3 words to describe the experience – this board says it all!

For more information about this survey or the Professional Development Award starting in August 2022 or January 2023, please get in touch info@sda.ac.uk

Have a look at Professional Development Award in Service Design Information (including Rory’s video!)

Service Design Network Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that Service Design Academy has been awarded organisational accreditation by the Service Design Network for the next three years.

In 2020 we were the first SDN accredited organisation in the world, and this is now a strong validation and recognition by the Service Design Network of the developing authority and quality of Service Design Academy in the provision of the following services at a consistently high standard to offer service design training and consultancy.

As a result of a successful accreditation, Service Design Academy will be recognised and promoted as a high-quality partner of the SDN and the SDN Academy, joining an exclusive and esteemed international network of outstanding SDN accredited organisations.

We want to thank Birgit Mager and Carolina Corona for their support and look forward to working together to build a global community of changemakers.

Read Service Design Academy Accreditation blog to find out more.

Learning Fest 22

The Service Design Network’s first ever student led Learning Fest (SDNLF22) is on the 21st and 22nd May.

The SDNLF22 is an international virtual conference connecting the next generation of service designers. Open to all disciplines, our goal is to facilitate learning and push the boundaries of service design to foster growth, together in synergy.

To find out more and register SDNLF22 details and booking form.

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